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Palmetto Learning Academy is a grassroots non-profit organization established and strongly rooted in South Carolina. We are on a mission to bridge the social gap and fill the needs of our community members by providing resources and building relationships that support self-sustainability through financial education and economic growth.

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You Don't Know What You Don't Know

Bridging the Gap

The major goal of Palmetto Learning Academy is to promote family well-being by building stronger communities through collaborations and financial support. We understand the importance of engaging children at the earliest age possible through access to experiences that foster creativity, and a chance for them to be exposed to new and fascinating ideas. It’s also important to positively engage with parents/guardians as a way of strengthening the entire family.

As We Grow

Palmetto Learning Academy's, 'As we Grow', is a summer, project-based Agricultual STEM program designed to address critical thinking skills, reading and math deficiencies of young African American children, ages 6-11 years old, living in marginalized communities.  

The project-based program gives students hands on approach in understanding how science, math, technology and engineering play a role in the foods they eat on a daily basis. Setting up farmers markets and selling their produce allows them to actively participate in South Carolina’s biggest financial industry.

The students will grow their own food the traditional way and using hydroponics.  They will also get to experience a taste of farm life.


Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

A world where opportunities are abundant and barriers are mere stepping stones.

Mission Statement

Empower. Connect. Transcend. 

Our Mission: Your Limitless Tomorrow

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George Washington Carver

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."

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